Explosive Expansion As De Rigo Rem Welcomes New Sales Staff

De Rigo staff gathered outside offices in Los Angles, to warmly welcome the newest members of De Rigo Rem’s rapidly expanding sales team. The Los Angeles staff cheered as the newest De Rigo Rem sales team arrived for their first day of training. This warm welcome set the tone for three amazing days of training at the North American headquarters.

“This is the largest group of new sales team members we’ve ever onboarded in our company’s history. We are undergoing an explosive expansion that will position our company strategically to grow in a sustainable and impactful way,” Alessandro Baronti, De Rigo Rem President and CEO said as he kicked off the opening meeting of training.

New team members gather for their first day of training at De Rigo Rem.

Jordan Gerardi, Vice President of Sales said, “The past four to five years have brought an understanding of the competitors’ landscape for us, that provides an excellent opportunity for us as a company. People understand our vision. There is a hunger in the market to move towards sustainable, non-corporate companies. De Rigo is and always has been a family company, and that really connects with consumers right now.”

A large contingent of the new recruits will be focused in the Midwest, including new Midwest Sales Manager Leonardo Raneri. Mr. Raneri who has been in the optical sales field for many years said, “the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, I know that for a fact. Your opportunities are only as good as the happiness of your staff, De Rigo understands this.”






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