Women Advancing at De Rigo Rem

De Rigo Rem announces two significant promotions within the North American team a new addition to as well. Natalie Ekmekchian was promoted to Brand Manager, Ruzanna  Melik-Stepanyan, was promoted as well and is now the Senior Product Manager at De Rigo Rem and Jacqueline Thomas, was welcomed to the team in early June as their new Public Relations Director.

“De Rigo is a company that believes in and supports the forward advancement of women in the optical industry. These three women are passionate about what they do, and it is evident in their work. We are grateful to have so many talented women in leadership within our company.”

Alessandro Baronti- President & CEO of De Rigo Rem

Natalie Ekmekchain, started with De Rigo Rem in high school, as part of a professional work experience program. From there Natalie spent eight years in the company’s customer service department. In August of 2021, she transferred out of the customer service department, taking a brand associate role while completing her Masters’ degree in Communication from USC. Natalie was recently promoted to Brand Manager for De Rigo Rem, allowing her to use her passion for communications. When asked about what she is most looking forward to in the role, Natalie replied,

“I am looking forward to contributing to our growth for many more years to come.“

Natalie Ekmekchain- De Rigo Rem Brand Manager

Ruzanna Stepanyan was also recently promoted to the role of Senior Manager of Product Development at De Rigo Rem. Ruzanna started with the company in quality control, as a way to help fund her education. She rose quickly within the company, working in many different departments giving her an in-depth understanding of eyewear. Art and design have always been Ruzanna’s passions, so when a position in the product design department became available, Ruzanna was delighted to step into a new role as a Junior Design Coordinator. It is in the design of eyewear that Ruzanna found her calling, allowing her to use her passion for design.

Jacqueline joined the De Rigo team as their new Public Relations Director in early June. She brings a legacy of successful communication practice to the company, from general public relations to crisis management, Jacqueline has a wide communications background. She recently moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to fill the role. She said, She looks forward to leading, guiding, and nurturing the De Rigo Rem brand, and sharing the amazing stories this company has to tell.

“As I toured the De Rigo offices in Los Angeles during the interview process, I was amazed by the significant number of employees who’ve been with the De Rigo Rem for more than a decade. Furthermore, I was deeply attracted to the company due to the impressive number of women in leadership positions within the company. This company is living their mission, as a public relations director, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Jacqueline Thomas- Public Relations Director at De Rigo Rem

We congratulate this amazing group of women and are thrilled to welcome them into their new roles.






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