Police Eyewear On the Big Screen at LA Bullet Train Premiere

On Monday night De Rigo’s house brand Police Eyewear hit the big screen in the new blockbuster Bullet Train featuring Brad Pitt, and Sandra Bullock. The Police brand frames, referred to as the “black glasses,” in the film are worn by the main character Ladybug and are key in the plot of the film at certain points.

The infamous “black glasses” made by Police for the Bullet Train film. Model Origins Bullet 1 VPLE37 col.700

The red carpet at the Los Angles premiere featured the Police frames on display, in a backdrop that mimicked stores in a bullet train station. A rack of the Police brand glasses sat on the counter of a newsstand, and in the lockers, like the set featured in the film.

The infamous “black glasses” made by Police for the Bullet Train film. Model Origins Bullet 1 VPLE37 col.700

At several points in the film, the main character of Ladybug played by Oscar-winner Brad Pitt, is described simply, “as the man with black glasses and a hat.” These iconic frames from Police characterize the personality of the character of Ladybug.

The frames are made of glossy black acetate prescription style sporting bold thicknesses, a decisive squared front piece and temples embellished with the iconic Police eagle logo of ‘90s inspiration. The glasses, also available with a more slender rectangular front piece and in the sunglasses variant.

De Rigo Rem’s Public Relations Director at the Premiere of Bullet Train

Releasing on August 5 2022 worldwide, ‘Bullet Train’ is a zany and fun action thriller in which a group of assassins join forces, with related yet conflicting objectives, on board the same high-speed train travelling across Japan.

These frames are available from De Rigo Rem. To get your own pair of movie magic, contact your De Rigo Rem Business Consultant today.






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