De Rigo Announces Partnership with Optify Bringing ECommerce Solution to Private Practices.

De Rigo Rem, the North American subsidiary of De Rigo Vision, known for high-quality eyewear, today announced a new collaboration with Optify, the industry’s top optical eCommerce solution provider. Through Optify, private practices will be able to extend the display of their optical inventory online and empower patients to engage with the eyewear at the most opportune moments of their buying journey; before, after, and in-between exams when patients are susceptible to being influenced by other online retailers competing for their business. 

As a company, De Rigo Rem is committed to continuously seeking and implementing ways to aid in our customer’s success while growing a socially responsible company. This collaboration allows us to support our customers in giving their clients more ways to purchase quality eyewear through an eCommerce platform. We are deeply committed to supporting our customer’s success. 

Acting as pioneers for bringing private optical businesses to the digital age, Optify integrates directly with practice EHRs to support a modern and professional eyecare eCommerce platform. Packaged features such as virtual try-on, pre-shop options, extensive frame inventory, and automated follow-ups for walk-outs and second pairs help traditional brick and mortar practices compete with large-scale industry retailers that are quickly winning out the market share. The result is a polished shopping experience that provides the tools consumers have come to expect from online optical without the hassle of building and managing numerous moving parts.

Optify sees De Rigo Rem among the best in their class and anticipates the collaboration will represent a great step towards continued collaborations between leading frame manufacturers and optical technologies in the eyecare industry.






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