De Rigo Rem Adds New Star Wars and Harry Potter Styles to Diff Special Edition Collection

De Rigo Rem introduces seven new Star Wars frames and two new Harry Potter frames from Diff Eyewear. These new frames have been added to the wildly popular collaboration collections (Star Wars and Harry Potter) by Diff eyewear that launched back in April 2022. The original collections which are comprised of two dozen frames feature fun Star Wars frame names like Boba Fett sunglasses, and R2D2 as well as Harry Potter-inspired names such as Hufflepuff (Suns), Slytherin (Suns), Gryffindor (Optical).

Building on the new Star Wars television series’ popularity and beloved films, seven new styles have been added to the original Star Wars collaboration collection with Diff Eyewear. New sun and optical styles are sure to delight Star Wars fans. The new frames feature fun character names such as Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Below are photos and descriptions of these incredible frames. The Darth Vader-inspired sunglasses and Stormtrooper sunglasses also feature a unique breath-activated logo on the frame that appears when exhaled upon.

The new Harry Potter frames debut the much-anticipated Ravenclaw design. The three other famous houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin) of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were previously released in the original collection. Fans of Ravenclaw House can now represent their house with these fun unisex frames. The temples of both the sun and optical frames echo design elements of Luna Lovegood’s wand, a famous Ravenclaw alum.

Each frame comes with a unique case made to complement the frame style (Pictured below) These beautiful frames by Diff are available from De Rigo Rem. Prices are available upon request.

Darth Vader Sunglasses (VDFDRTH570BLA)

Darth Vader Sunglasses (VDFDRTH570BLA) – Be ready to rule the galaxy with these stylish sunglasses from Diff’s Limited Edition Star Wars collection. The bridge features a unique detail that echoes elements of Darth Vader’s iconic black suit. Comprised of black hand-cut acetate and black stainless steel these frames are sure to be a hit with Vader fans. This frame offers a breath logo that activates when the wearer exhales onto the lens.

Princess Leia Sunglasses- (VDFLEA 560GOL) Made to wear while saving the galaxy, and look incredibly cool while doing it, these sunglasses are in homage to Princess Leia. The fun cat eye shape is made of high-quality acetate and accented with gold metal temples. This sunglass even has a trademarked Rebel Alliance logo on the temple tip.

Storm Trooper Sunglasses (SDFSTM 550WHI)

Storm Trooper Sunglasses (SDFSTM 550WHI): This unisex sunglass frame from Diff, features a creamy-white acetate frame with a double bridge design that echoes elements from the classic Stormtrooper costumes from the Star Wars franchise. The logo tip of these suns made to guard the galaxy comes with a special Empire logo on the temple tip. This sun frame also offers the unique breath-activated logo of the rebel alliance.

Ravenclaw- Optical (VDFRVN 540BLA)

Ravenclaw- Optical (VDFRVN 540BLA) Inspired by the design of Luna Lovegood’s wand, one of Ravenclaw House’s most famous alumni, this unisex optical frame features a fund round shape. The temples made of black stainless-steel mimic the shape of Lovegood’s famous wand. The Ravenclaw House name and symbols can also be found on the temple tips of this fun Harry Potter X Diff collaboration frame.

Ravenclaw Suns- (SDFRVN 540BLA)

Ravenclaw Suns- (SDFRVN 540BLA) These unisex sunglasses proudly show elements of one of their famous alumni’s wand, Luna Lovegood. Comprised of a unique stainless-steel design, complete with a double bridge design, and UV protection, these suns live up to the wise Ravenclaw house.



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