The John Varvatos Party Rocked The Night Away at Expo West 2022

The De Rigo Rem Party was the place to be on Thursday night at Vision Expo West 2022. The guest list for this intimate affair exploded to over 150 guests, as everyone clamored for an invitation to one of the most exclusive parties at the Expo. The waiting list for this party eventually had to be closed due to capacity issues.

Guests arrived as the DJ cranked the music, and the John Varvatos store rolled out the red carpet for De Rigo Rem and our guests. An open bar kept conversations fun and lively as guests were immersed in the stylish rock and roll world of John Varvatos.

The limited edition John Varvatos sunglasses were on prominent display at the party. News of these exclusive frames quickly spread beyond the party and the Expo attendees. Prompting one shopper on a night out on the town to walk out of a competitor’s optical shop to see the exclusive John Varvatos frames. The man flew from Chicago to shop and have a fun weekend in Las Vegas. He was shopping for one-of-a-kind sunglasses and practically begged to be admitted to the part to see the gorgeous John Varvatos frames. When asked what he thought of them, he replied, “They do not disappoint!”

The party was well attended by the optical trade press and many wonderful De Rigo Rem guests.







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