Dedicated Spaces for Luxury and Key Accounts Sales Premier at Expo West

The numbers told the story before a single sample bag was shipped, De Rigo Rem was going to be busy at the Expo! This realization, along with previous Expo experiences, made one thing clear; dedicated experience spaces were key for Vision Expo West.

Housed in a smaller, more exclusive suite next to the main De Rigo Rem Suite, the Luxury suite gave clients a boutique-like shopping experience in the middle of the Expo. This suite was often so busy clients made conversation in the foyer and hallway waiting to grab a seat to see these exquisite collections. The Luxury Suite featured Chopard, Philipp Plein, and a sneak peek at the upcoming collections.

Also nestled in the Luxury Suite was an exclusive room for our Key Accounts to visit, shop, and preview the De Rigo Rem Portfolio.

These dedicated selling spaces allowed for a unique, one-of-a kind shopping experience for our customers and was wildly popular, resulting in record sales.

If you are interested in viewing De Rigo Rem’s Portfolio of luxury eyewear, please contact your De Rigo Rem Consultant today.




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