David Poltar Regional Sales Manager for The Southeast Celebrates The President’s Choice Award with a Company Sponsored trip to Italy

Regional Sales Manager, David Poltar and his wife Marianne, recently traveled to Italy as part of the President’s Choice Award. David who has been with De Rigo Rem for more than a decade has a distinguished sales record with our company. He has twice won Sales Coordinator of the Year, and the President’s Club Awards for three consecutive years. When asked about what the award means to him, David replied,

“This meant a great deal to me as it took a tremendous effort. It is an honor to be recognized by the company for my dedication and hard work. This could not have happened without the amazing team that we have around us. I hope this inspires others on the team to know that they too can be successful and strive for greatness.”

David Poltar

David and his wife visited Venice, Verona, Bologna, and Rome, taking in all of the wonderful sights of Italy. David said that a particular high point in the trip was being able to experience all of the incredible cuisine that Italy has to offer. He also loved Venice and was fascinated by the way the city traveled and lived, by boat, saying, “everything is by boat.”

The De Rigo Rem President’s Club is an award given annually to the top reforming individual business consultants and sales leaders in our organization. This award is one of the ways as a company that we celebrate and recognize the dedication and successes that our sales staff has achieved over the past year. The sales people and managers with outstanding achievements who exceed their targets will be rewarded and recognized for their exceptional leadership. performance and commitment to our origination. The President’s Club consists of many special awards and recognition pieces. For those who win The President’s Award for three consecutive years, they are eligible for a trip to Italy. From there, those who have five consecutive awards are gifted a luxury watch as a token of recognition and appreciation for their service to De Rigo Rem.

Congratulations to David on his well-deserved President’s Award!






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