Product Spotlight: Yalea’s Mary Jackson Frame

Yalea, made by De Rigo, not only celebrates women but seeks to recognize and honor remarkable women who have left their mark and made history by naming a frame after them. The Fall/ Winter 2022 Collection is full of gorgeous frames that honor a truly incredible group of women. To kick off the Yalea Spotlight series, we will start with the Mary Jackson Frame (VYA067).

Mary Jackson was born on April 9, 1921, in Hampton, Virginia. This exceptional woman broke both gender and racial barriers at NASA. Mary was the first African-American woman to become an aerospace engineer at NASA. She started her career at NASA as a computer in the segregated West Area Computing division in 1951. In 1958 she became NASA’s first African American female engineer. Ms. Jackson’s career spanned more than thirty years, and she served as a key figure in furthering NASA’s space program. The book and then blockbuster film Hidden Figures told Ms. Jackson’s story and showed some of the obstacles she faced in achieving her goals.

Yalea honor’s the contribution that Mary Jackson made for both women and women of color in the aerospace industry. This very special frame is made with a metal front and bi-color enamel. The classic square shape is elegant and smart. The Yalea Monogram can be found on the Temple in the same Bi-Color enamel. This frame also features a laminated acetate temple tip for comfort. No detail on this frame was overlooked as even the temple tips feature a gorgeous foil Yalea monogram.

The Mary Jackson frame is available in a stunning, cheerful red (pictured above), a vibrant, sophisticated purple, and a stunning crystal with fuchsia and gold accents. All these gorgeous frames are available from De Rigo Rem. To purchase this frame or any of the frames in the Yalea collection, please reach out to your De Rigo Rem representative today. If you aren’t sure who your representative is or you’ve never purchased from De Rigo Rem, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team for help.


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