De Rigo Rem Adds New Sales Team Members to Rapidly Growing Team

The De Rigo Rem offices buzzed with anticipation as the entire home office team waited to welcome our newest team members for three days of onboarding, this past Monday morning. As is De Rigo Rem tradition, the entire staff gathered out front to welcome the team’s newest members. Cheers and claps erupted as the cars pulled up, and the new recruits got out to a warm welcome.

“I love the tradition, I cannot think of a bigger gesture a company can make to make someone new feel welcome. Our sales team is the heart of our business, and we want them to feel special and important.”

De Rigo Rem Staffer

The new sales team members have gathered from across the country and will have three days of in-depth training. Each department at the home office took the time to give a presentation and made sure to get to know the newest team members. The new De Rigo Rem team members will target key markets across the United States. These strategic hires are part of De Rigo Rem’s explosive expansion plans and are significant to the company’s luxury expansion plans in the new year.

“We are at a unique spot in our company’s North American history where we are positioned for significant growth opportunities. These key hires are part of our plan for strategic and sustainable growth in the next year. Those who have been in the optical industry can see, we are pulling all of the elements together to be incredibly successful. Having the right people in the right position at the right time is part of that plan.”

Alessandro Baronti, De Rigo Rem CEO & President

After the three days of intensive training, these newest team members will begin their careers as De Rigo Rem representatives. On behalf of the entire De Rigo Rem team, we wish them the very best in their endeavors, and we all look forward to supporting their success.





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