Thanksgiving Taqueria at De Rigo Rem

Ahead of the holiday next week, De Rigo Rem Leadership treated the entire staff at the main office in Los Angeles to a fun Thanksgiving lunch. This year’s Thanksgiving lunch reflected some of the diversity that we have as a staff, by sharing authentic Taqueria with the team. Tacos of al Pastor (pork and pineapple), Chicken, and chorizo were on offer, along with homemade rice and beans. Taco chips and guacamole were also on offer. Homemade, authentic horchata and watermelon agua fresca went along with the Mexican feast.

Staff gathered together to share lunch as a team. Picnic tables were set out for everyone to gather for the meal. The sunny and breezy California weather made this outdoor lunch a lot of fun.

We are a beautifully diverse staff, and I believe our holiday events should reflect that diversity. I love it when we have the ability to come together as a staff and celebrate with a delicious meal, it is one of my favorite parts of my role here. This Taqueria was special because it was a really fun way to show our gratitude and appreciation for our staff.

Doug Moore, Human Resources Director

Fresh taco toppings await the hungry De Rigo Rem Staff for our Thanksgiving Taqueria.

Hungry De Rigo Rem Staff gathers round for a delicious lunch for staff Thanksgiving.

Fluffy and flavorful rice is served in a beautiful terracotta pot.

De Rigo Rem staff gathers together for festive Thanksgiving fun.

On behalf of the entire De Rigo Rem staff, we wish you and yours a very joyful holiday season.



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