De Rigo Rem Helps Wow The Global Eyewear Industry at Mido 2023

The entire optical world descended on Milan for the Mido’s 51st show, marking the unofficial start to the optical year. This year’s event held from February 4th to the 6th saw record attendance. Over 35,000 industry professionals attended this year’s event. The global press also descended on this event with over 380 accredited journalists in attendance. Mido saw a record number of exhibitors as well, over 1,000. De Rigo, the parent company of De Rigo Rem was one of those who were represented at this prestigious international show.

“In the five years that I have served as CEO and President of De Rigo Rem, I’ve watched our well-respected company develop from an already established leadership position in the midrange price point into a global leader in the premium eyewear industry segment. As a consequence, De Rigo reinforced their place on the global stage at Mido as a global powerhouse in this industry.”

Alessandro Baronti- De Rigo Rem CEO & President

De Rigo Rem’s customers who traveled to Milan to attend Mido were delighted to see the global scale of our company as brands, staff, and customers from around the world gathered. The consensus among customers globally was that De Rigo, particularly De Rigo Rem is well suited within the mid-range eyewear market, and truly shines in the luxury market. The diverse De Rigo Rem portfolio features both global and American brands in both the mid-range and luxury markets.

De Rigo’s presentation at Mido this year was highly successful for the company and global subsidiaries, as another demonstration the company is an impressive industry leader. The respect that the company name earns, and the global portfolio that the company supports continue to solidify our place in the global eyewear market. De Rigo Rem was honored to be able to participate and support our parent company though bringing our renowned American brands.




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