De Rigo Rem Celebrates New Plein Sports Pop-up in Soho at Exclusive Event.

A packed house gathered in New York’s Soho neighborhood to celebrate the pop-up shop for Plein Sport. This exclusive event was well attended by those who packed in to see the new pop-up location and celebrate with Mr. Plein himself. De Rigo Rem brought several guests who stock and sell Philipp Plein’s eyewear to this incredible evening event. Our own Vice President of Sales, Mr. Jordan Gerardi, and Regional Sales Manager Jordan Cartagena were both in attendance and showed off their Philipp Plein eyewear.

“Philipp really knows how to throw an event and create a hype/buzz around his brand.  The event was very well received with top performing eyewear customers in the building, mingling with top performing timepiece, and fragrance [representatives of the brand], as well as social media influencers all in the same room to celebrated to grand opening of the first Plein Sport Boutique pop-up in SoHo, NYC.”

Jordan Cartagena- De Rigo Rem Regional Sales Manager

The standing-room-only event was made even more special by a live performance from legendary rap and hip-hop music legend, Jadakiss. This store is the first in a planed series of stores across the United States.  

If you’d like to learn more about Philipp Plein’s bold, luxurious, and sophisticated eyewear collection from De Rigo Rem, click here.

Philipp Plein takes photos and questions from the press about his new sportswear line. (Photo Courtesy of Jordan Cartagena)

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