De Rigo Rem Customer Spotlight: Quintana Optical

Quintana Optical is a treasure. Starting 45 years ago, Louie opened Quintana’s first optical shop in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Quintana Optical has always put customer service ahead of any other aspect of their business. When it comes to eyewear, Quintana Optical believes in helping customers get the perfect fit every time when it comes to eyewear, and their loyal customer base took notice. Monica, the shop’s current owner remembers fondly how her father taught her the optical business and how the right fit is essential. Monica lovingly recalls her father telling her, “You literally have to touch them behind their ears,” to ensure the fit of a frame is precise.
It is this attention to detail and unparalleled customer service that still guides their operations to this day. “We try to make the whole process as easy as possible, we even make house calls,” Monica says about the shop’s loyal following. Quintana Optical often sells multiple pairs of glasses to their customers, they want to ensure that their customers are covered for whatever life throws at them, from a spare pair to specialty frames and lenses, this is part of the store’s customer service ethos.

Monica took over the shop from her father in 2004 and moved the business from its home in downtown Santa Fe to the De Vargas Center, a small business-friendly space where they still operate today. For Monica, this was a simple choice. “There wasn’t any parking at our old location,” she said about the move. “Here, there are lots of parking and lots of foot traffic too. We sell a lot of sunglasses off the rack. The light is so good here in Santa Fe and you really need a good pair of sunglasses here.”
Quintana Optical carries many De Rigo Rem brands such as John Varvatos, Yalea, Furla, Jones New York, Tumi, Police, Lucky Brand, and Diff. When asked why she carries De Rigo Rem brands in the shop, Monica said, “Our De Rigo Rem sales consultants help us, if the home office is out of stock on a frame, they’ll call around across the country to find it and send it to us. I recognize good customer service in De Rigo Rem.” Anna Thompson, who is Quintana Optical’s De Rigo Rem Consultant, said, “Quintana Optical really is a special place, you can see how much they care for their customers.”
The family tradition at Quintana Optical continues as Monica’s daughter Amy and granddaughter Gabby help in the shop. Gabby focuses on Inventory control. Four generations of the family have brought the very best in customer service to the community of Santa Fe. As a result of passionately meeting the needs of their customers, Quintana Optical has a loyal following. “A lot of our customers only live here for part of the year, but they still buy their glasses from us,” Monica said. Generations of Santa Fe residents have relied on and will continue to rely on the expert advice and exceptional care provided by Quintana Optical.

To Learn More About Quintana Optical Visit Their Website.

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