De Rigo Rem Supports Local Charity Alexandria House

On a dreary rainy day at the end of February, Alexandria House opened their warm hearts and shelter homes to welcome those who supported the charity over the past year, and to encourage those who were interested in learning more about the incredible work they do to come to visit. Women gathered in the living room of the green house in the picture above on the left, for a tea party, and to learn all about the support that Alexandria House gives to the women and families they serve, the neighborhood they work in, and the after-school care they provide for neighborhood children. Started over thirty years ago in Los Angeles, this organization has grown to encompass two houses (pictured above) and an apartment building to support the women and families they serve.

This incredible charity supports women comprehensively by providing shelter, medical care, emotional support, educational services, and child care, to lift women out of poverty and into a stable support network, setting them up for a lifetime of success. We were able to hear from two former residents at the tea party, both were mothers when they came to Alexandria House, and both were homeless. Neither woman, who shared their stories ever thought they’d end up homeless. They talked about the shame that comes with homelessness and the difficult situation of caring for children while homeless. Both women who shared their stories shared how impactful Alexandria House was and continues to be in their lives, as both women are now small business owners.

In late 2022, De Rigo Rem chose to make a difference in the lives of the women and families this charity serves, through a significant charitable donation to Alexandria House. We shared Mekides’ story with our partners and our staff, to highlight the mission that Alexandra House was working to achieve and the difference they are making generationally in the communities they serve. Providing support in the community where De Rigo Rem is based is something that is at the forefront of De Rigo Rem’s mission. Pictured below you will find Mekides’ incredible story of survival and success through Alexandria House.

Alexandria House describes its services as,

Alexandria House provides an array of holistic services and resources, including transitional and permanent low-income housing, referrals to medical care, legal assistance, job training; counseling, intensive case management; child care, and a community of support that understands life’s challenges and successes. We are a hub for our neighborhood, providing food, clothing, a community garden, and other resources to our larger community. Children in the neighborhood participate in our free after-school program, teen center, and camps.

Alexandria House also provides information and referral services to those who have emergency needs. We receive hundreds of calls each month for housing and to those who call, we offer resources and referrals with a caring and compassionate ear. The women and children who come to live at Alexandria House are homeless as a result of domestic violence, human trafficking, and/or extreme poverty. Our emergency support and permanent housing continuum of care provide a sanctuary in which to heal and plan the next steps in life. Our approach, via trauma-informed care, recognizes the impact of trauma and knows that adequate time, counseling, and trust in community are necessary in order to feel safe and whole again. Alexandria House has prioritized housing hard-to-place families, such as those with teenagers, large families and families with boys over the age of 12.

We have seen children take their first steps at Alexandria House and then watched as those same children stepped across the dais to receive their high school or college diplomas. We have seen our own footprint expand from one house to two, and then to a 16-unit apartment building.”

If you are interested in learning more about Alexandria House and the incredible work they do in the Los Angeles area, please visit their website here.






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