Yalea Announces: A Small Gift From Women To Women

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Yalea, De Rigo’s Women’s Brand, will Launch A Special Promotion to Celebrate Women.

In the month of International Women’s Day, and for the whole month of March, Yalea – the all-female house brand belonging to the De Rigo portfolio – has chosen to dedicate a small gift to women.

Not just a complimentary gift for customers, but also and above all, an additional opportunity to support the I was a Sari project, dedicated to Indian women.

In fact, throughout the month, with the purchase of a pair of Yalea-branded sunglasses or prescription glasses from selected opticians, you will also receive a silk glasses pouch made expressly for Yalea by I was a Sari. The exclusive pouch is crafted from discarded Indian saris, each one unique in its kind and different from the other, and personalised with a cotton cord sporting the Yalea logo. Each pouch is packaged in a recyclable cardboard envelope, which reads ‘Made in India from pre-loved saris’ and ‘One of a Kind’, to further emphasise its uniqueness.

The original project embraced by the brand, starting with the recovery and re-use of traditional Indian women’s saris, has created a line of unique, handcrafted and exquisite accessories. A programme which has since translated into an authentic employment opportunity for more than 85 Indian women and which combines artisanal training with real independence.

The fourth brand in the De Rigo portfolio, thus continues to support initiatives that encourage the growth, affirmation and independence of women, all over the world.

About Yalea

The De Rigo Group house brand Yalea is an all-female brand of sunglasses and frames designed and produced with women in mind. With its timeless elegance and femininity, the brand seeks to inspire all women by promoting a new freedom of expression and independence from fashions. Yalea combines aesthetic and ethical values with glasses that frame the face without hiding it. The brand’s styles set out to celebrate special women. They are a tribute to women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras who are not necessarily famous but who, in different countries and fields, have stood out owing to their life choices, commitment and achievements.

Website: www.yaleaeyewear.com

Facebook: YaleaEyewear

Instagram: @yaleaeyewear



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