De Rigo Rem Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day with Free Breakfast Boxes for Staff at Our Home Office

Employee appreciation day was celebrated at the De Rigo Rem offices in Los Angeles this past Friday morning. Friday here at De Rigo Rem are known as Fun Fridays where our Human Resources Department goes the extra mile to make staff feel appreciated and engaged. Fun Friday’s usually consist of fun snacks, or a game such as bingo, dress up days, and general light-hearted fun where the entire staff is invited to enjoy the event.

This past Friday was a special day, due to it being Employee Appreciation Day. Our Human Resources Department went out of the way to make the day extra special for our home office staff by providing a hearty breakfast free of charge to all internal De Rigo Rem staff.

“Each person on our staff is an integral part of our company. We try to always recognize and appreciate their efforts. For employee appreciation day, we wanted to do something a little extra to say thank you. Our team loves to eat, and we love to say thank you in this way. It is one of the primary goals of our department to ensure that all of our employees feel appreciated and respected.”

Doug Moore, Human Resources Director

Breakfast wraps were catered in three varieties, bacon, sausage, and a crowd favorite avocado. Each wrap came with a side of potatoes. Additional sides of granola and yogurt, or fresh fruit were also available to each staff member.

An Avocado wrap with roasted potatoes, and salsa made for a delicious breakfast.

“This breakfast was a great idea from our Human Resources Department. Everyone who walked into the staff kitchen on Friday morning wore big smiles as they came and collected their breakfasts. The staff was laughing and joking with each other, it was great to see. A real high point was the playful banter over the last avocado wrap as staff members vied for the last one. This was a home run for our HR Department and the internal team here at De Rigo Rem. Well done to our HR Team!”

Jacqueline Thomas, Public Relations Director

Employee engagement is a primary focus for our diverse team. Our staff is filled with people who have been here for two decades or more. When we have events like this breakfast it also allows newcomers to get a larger snapshot of Team De Rigo Rem, as they step out of their department and gather together as a whole internal team. This breakfast is just another example of how De Rigo Rem cares.






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