De Rigo Rem Celebrates International Women’s Day in Coordination with Yalea.

Shorter Version:

Full-Length Version

The female staff of De Rigo Rem gathered together last week to share their wisdom about what it means to be a woman in the optical industry, and who their female role models are in support of International Women’s Day. This profoundly moving video was produced in coordination with Yalea, De Rigo’s women’s brand. Each woman in the video picked a Yalea frame that spoke to their personality and wore it in the film.

Yalea is a brand that inspires and is inspired by the strength of women worldwide. The Yalea brand supports this mission through the incredible charity work that they support as a brand to educate, aid, and empower women globally. From their work with the I was a Sari Campaign to supporting female Nigerian war survivors, the Yalea brand does truly make a difference to women around the globe.

De Rigo Rem is honored to be a champion of this incredible brand, as the women of De Rigo Rem proudly wear Yalea in solitary and support to celebrate International Women’s Day. We encourage you all to reflect on what International Women’s Day means to you.

“International Women’s Day to me is a day that exists on the calendar but still doesn’t honor or protect millions of women throughout the world. 
We still have women that need to be celebrated, heard, protected, and educated. For me, this day is a reminder that there is still much to be achieved and to look back to protect and celebrate what has already been accomplished.”

Ruzanna Melik Stepanyan, Senior Product Development Manager



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