Leading off the Year with a New Luxury Showroom At De Rigo Rem in Los Angeles.

The Prosecco is chilled and the chandeliers are hung in the new luxury showroom at the De Rigo Rem Office in Los Angeles. Completed in late 2022, this new luxury showroom experience provides a comfortable, quiet, and refined shopping experience at our North American headquarters.

No detail was overlooked, from brand areas with distinct styles that reflect the aesthetic of the brands, to the new floor that sparkles, the room feels comfortable and elegant. Several clients have had the opportunity to view De Rigo Rem’s premium portfolio in this in this new comfortable, and elegant space, while sipping a glass of chilled prosecco, or a hot, freshly brewed espresso. The luxury showroom houses, Porsche Design, Philipp Plein, Chopard, and Roberto Cavalli.

An internal team from De Rigo Rem worked to design the space with the customer experience in mind. Leading the project, Art Director Mario Lombardo shared this about the experience of creating a luxury space,

“I knew we had four very distinct brands, that had to complement each other artfully and aesthetically in the space while creating a comfortable environment for our customers. Once we had our color pallet for the space the other elements of the space fell into place naturally. The room should feel clean with pristine lines, and minimal frill, at the end of the day the eyewear is the showcase of this space.”

Mario Lombardo- Art Director, De Rigo Rem

Each brand in this space has its own distinct area to tell the brand’s story. These spaces are designed to visually communicate the look and feel of each unique brand while complementing each other in the space. Both Porsche Design and Philipp Plein work with a darker, more dramatic color pallet while Chopard and Roberto Cavalli skew lighter giving a more elegant feel to the primarily female brands.

Lighting in this space was another important piece of this redesign. Not only did the room need to feel light and refined, but the lighting needed to highlight the portfolios. Mario and the team created lighting in the room that allows the frames that are displayed to look like the beautiful works of art that they are. Two chandeliers hang over a large white conference table giving a touch of luxury, but also work to bounce light further around the room.

The oversized white conference table is large enough for an entire collection to be shown, at once so customers may browse a collection as a whole. Black leather seats that are not only comfortable but pull the color pallet of the room together, sit around the large table. All of these elements come together to create beautiful shopping, browsing and meeting area at the De Rigo Rem offices.




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