Yalea Supports & Participates In Elle Women’s Day for the Second Year, in coordination with Elle Spain

Earlier, this past March, Yalea, the De Rigo women’s brand of eyewear that promotes women by supporting their rights of freedom, fostering their talent and rewarding their personal beauty, has partnered for the second year of ELLE WOMEN’S DAY, an event organized by ELLE Spain to celebrate strong, courageous and extraordinary women. During the event, the ELLE Women Awards were presented, to recognize the female winners for their leadership in society and their contribution to making female talent visible.

The awards ceremony also featured several round tables conversations with leading women from the business, social, and institutional industries.

Barbara De Rigo, CMO of De Rigo and President of the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART, participated in the round table discussion, entitled “Diversity, freedom and commitment: what really matters” together with Sara Khadem, an Iranian chess player in exile in Spain, and Marzieh Hamidi,an Afghani taekwondo champion exiled in France. In her speech, Barbara De Rigo spoke of Yalea’s ethical values ​​and the brand’s support for the “Stronger Women, Stronger Nations” project, that supports the Women in Nigeria and Afghanistan. She went on to speak about Yalea’s commitment to aid to women in countries affected by war.

To read more about this event and or to learn more about Yalea, click here.



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