De Rigo Rem Customer Spotlight: Glenpool Eyecare

“I was born to do this,” Dr. John Gosnell will say when you ask him about his career as an Optometrist. Dr. Gosnell graduated from Northeastern State University College of Optometry and opened his own practice the following year. In 1998, Glenpool Eyecare began, and Dr. Gosnell is still as enthusiastic about his practice today as he was at the beginning. As an Oklahoma native, he knew the area outside South Tulsa was rural and needed quality eye care services. “I wouldn’t want to practice anywhere else,” Dr. Gosnell said about the location of his practice. 

(Interior of Glenpool Eyecare)

Dr. Gosnell built the current building that houses Glenpool Eyecare from the ground up to house his ever-growing practice. The area grew from more rural to suburban, and a freestanding building was the right choice to serve the community of Glenpool. Since 1998, the practice has grown and supports two doctors and eight more employees.

Glenpool Eye Care has added many De Rigo Rem brands, such as Police, Chopard, Yalea, Furla, John Varvatos, and more, since the first meeting with the company in July 2022. “Your products have an incredible story,” Dr. Gosnell said when asked why he carries many of De Rigo Rem’s brands, “We just love your product.” The addition of these four-luxury brands from De Rigo Rem has allowed Dr. Gosnell to supply incredible value to the practice’s customers, in some cases making it a destination for patients seeking these quality brands.

When we asked Dr. Gosnell why he chose to work with De Rigo Rem as a company, he replied, “your company puts people first; it is another reason why we love doing business with De Rigo Rem.”

“Your company puts people first; it is another reason why we love doing business with De Rigo Rem.” 

Dr. John Gosnell



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