Team De Rigo Rem had an Egg-cellent Time At the Company Egg Hunt in Celebration of the Easter Holiday.

On Friday morning, before the Easter weekend the De Rigo Rem team made their way outside to the lunch grounds as playful and competitive jeers and laughs were had by those excited to hunt for Easter eggs. This event was part of the Fun Friday’s initiative led by our Human Resources Department. Fun Fridays are held most Friday mornings and all staff are welcome to attend. Some Friday’s have a special activity like this week’s egg hunt, and other Friday’s have a great selection of grab-n-go snacks that are free for all team members.

Today, hunt was full of laughter as the staff hunted across both lunch areas. At the end of the egg hunt the team lined up to show off their collection of eggs. Everyone laughed and were in good sprits as Team De Rigo Rem came together for a bit of fun on this Friday morning.

“I love that our HR team does stuff like this. It’s really fun to come together as an entire team. I love the competitive nature of the egg hunters today, some people took seriously, determined to collect those eggs,” one De Rigo Rem staff member said.

On behalf of team De Rigo Rem we wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.






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