May the 4th Be With You! Featuring the Diff Star Wars Collection

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to celebrate May 4th, also known as May the 4th Be with you day. In celebration of this unofficial Star Wars day, we are showcasing the Diff Limited Edition Star Wars collaboration collection. You can view more of the Diff collection here, and more of the Diff Limited Edition Collection.

Diff Eyewear Boba Fett Sunglasses: Named after everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, these sunglasses from Diff feature a unique shape that mimics an aviator frame. Rich brown leather wrap over the front bridge. The temples of this frame feature a rocket-ship design as an homage to this beloved character. This frame features adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit.

Diff Eyewear Boba Fett Optical Frame: This optical frame mimics the color and composition of the famed bounty hunter’s armor. The rich green acetate is vibrant against the stainless steel temples, to create a powerful look worth of a galactic bounty hunter. This frame also features an intricate design on the bridge and that wrap from the front piece to the temples. The temples on this frame also feature a rocket shape, while the adjustable nose pads are etched with the silhouette of Boba Fett.

C3PO Sunglasses: This round shaped sunglasses feature clean lines and a dynamic round shape. The ochre colored acetate mimics the color of the Star Wars character C3PO. This frame features a beautiful etched design on the temples that mimic the wiring and design of everyone’s favorite human protocol droid. One of the most interesting features of this frame is the breath design on the lenses. When you breath on the lens, gold pinstripes appear.

C3PO Optical Frame: This optical frame mimics the design elements of Star War’s character C3PO. The gold stainless steel frame features intricate detail and an enhanced round shape that looks like this beloved character. This frame also features adjustable nose pads.

Darth Vader Sunglasses – Be ready to rule the galaxy with these stylish sunglasses from Diff’s Limited Edition Star Wars collection. The bridge features a unique detail that echoes elements of Darth Vader’s iconic black suit. Comprised of black hand-cut acetate and black stainless steel these frames are sure to be a hit with Vader fans. This frame offers a breath logo that activates when the wearer exhales onto the lens.

Darth Vader Optical Frames: The walk on the dark-side continues with this Darth Vader optical frame. The aviator shape features black hand-cut acetate on the top bar of this frame, while the rest of the frame is comprised of the darkest black stainless steel. The slightly exaggerated shape is an homage designed to mimic the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. This frame, along with all of the frames in this collection also includes a unique Star Wars case and cleaning cloth.

Grogu Sunglasses: From the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian this frame is named after the breakout favorite, Grogu. This minty-green hand-cut acetate frame features a round design and inner wire core. The wire core found on the temples feature the wording “Charitable Eyewear,” in the Star War’s language of Aurebresh. This frame also features the breath logo where Grogu appears when breathed upon.

Luke Optical Frame: The handsome white optical frame is named after Luke Skywalker and it is an homage to his favorite X-Wing Star Fighter. The aviator shape is a perfect representation of one of the best flyers in the galaxy. The oversized shape gives the hand-cut acetate and white stainless steel a striking look that stands out. The temples of this frame mimic the wings of the X-Wing Star Fighter that Luke flys in his quest to save the galaxy.

Ahsoka Sunglasses: Inspired by the headdress of the character Ahsoka, from The Mandalorian, this sunglass frame is a must-have. The beautiful blue, hand-cut frame features an oversized shape for a stunning look when worn. The diamond stud rivets are another homage to the character’s dress on this hit show. The temples featured a wire inlay that is inscribed with the character’s name, Ahsoka written in Aurebesh. This frame also features the unique breath design that reveals a special image when breathed upon.

R2D2 Optical Frames: Round frames in silver stainless steel mimic the shape of everyone’s favorite droid. This frame features adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit. The temples of this frame feature a blue-striped design on a silver inner wire core, that is surrounded by crystal acetate. The temple tips also feature the name of this beloved character R2D2.







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