De Rigo Rem Celebrates Q1 of 2023 with a Town Hall Meeting

Town hall meetings have been a staple at De Rigo Rem. Once per quarter all De Rigo Rem staff members are invited to attend to get an update on the company’s performance and other updates from the last quarter. Late last week, a company town hall meeting was held, covering the business’ activated in the first quarter of 2023. This meeting was original to be held outdoors, but as resourceful as ever team De Rigo Rem team gathered in the warehouse on the unusually chilly and drizzly morning to learn about the past quarter’s efforts.

Alessandro Baronti kicks off the Q1 Review Town Hall staff meeting at De Rigo Rem.

CEO and President, Alessandro Baronti kicked off the meeting, calling it the most meaningful town hall in recent memory. The staff was updated on the business efforts over the past quarter, which resulted in broken records in sales across multiple business channels. The first quarter of 2023 proved to be a very healthy quarter in sales for the company.

“I am very confident of the position of our company in the marketplace.”

Alessandro Baronti, CEO & President

Another hallmark of De Rigo Rem town hall meetings is the recognition of promotions for the quarter. This batch of promotions was extra special due to all promotions coming from within the company. There were two promotions within the Accounting Department as two internal accounting staff were elevated in their roles. We also saw a promotion within our Customer Service Department.

Our Operations Manager, Mirko Spinella, was also announced as the new Operations Director. Additionally, Adriana Gutierrez, a 26 year veteran of the company was officially promoted to Warehouse Director. When the announcement was made, Adriana was asked to share a few words about what this recognition of her dedication and career’s worth of work has meant to her. Adriana recalled how she started as a stock picker 26 years ago. “It’s only the second job I’ve ever had.”

“De Rigo Rem has always been a family company.”

Adriana Gutierrez

After the promotions were announced, new staff members were recognized and welcomed to the team. Our Supply Chain Director, Doug Pocrass who is infamous for bringing fun team-building events to the town hall meetings did not disappoint as he introduced the team to the game Rock-Paper-Lizard-Spock. The entire staff paired off until only one staff member emerged as the champion. Ruzanna Melik-Stepanyan, our Senior Product Development Manager emerged the winner, saying, “It was a fun game to participate in.”

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The meeting rounded out with a brief update from the department heads, as each one went one by one to educate and inform the entire team of the efforts, challenges, and successes over the past quarter. The meeting closed on a positive note. CEO & President, Alessandro Baronti, stated, “An organization is made by its people and we have an incredible team here at De Rigo Rem.”

“An organization is made by its people, and we have an incredible team here at De Rigo Rem.”

Alessandro Baronti




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