Police Celebrate their 40th Anniversary in Times Square

Everyone knows that there are milestone birthdays and anniversaries in life, and this year De Rigo’s own Police brand is celebrating its own milestone, the 40th anniversary of this iconic brand.

What better way to celebrate this year-long celebration than by taking New York’s Times Square by storm.

Police Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary in Times Square.

The video billboard advertisement and celebration feature images of Lewis Hamilton wearing the Police SPLL14 700 (Pictured below), and famous Philippinio actor DingDong Dantes in celebration of the brand’s 40th Anniversary.

Times Square Enjoys Police’s Iconic Style.

This billboard is part of a year-long celebration for the iconic brand. For more than 40 years Police have brought impeccable style to the globe.

Also in celebration of this momentous anniversary year, Police have launched limited edition sunglasses that commemorate this landmark year for the brand. These sunglasses possess a bold and iconic style, in keeping with the brand’s contemporary spirit. They are the celebration and embodiment of 40 years of incredible style.

The front piece and temples are crafted from thick acetate and titanium creating an extremely distinctive, lightweight, and contemporary eyewear piece. The squared silhouette of the front piece is made lighter by the titanium double-bridge detail with adjustable nose pads. The decorative element – which extends from the front piece and continues onto the temples – is an ode to the brand’s most important and representative symbol: the eagle’s wings. The ‘Police 40’ logo and serial number – from 1 to 1983 – are printed on the inside of the temples of this frame. 

These gorgeous sunglasses come in a beautiful gift box and an exclusive case. The sunglasses come in an elegant leather pouch featuring the ‘Police 40’ logo, alongside golden metal elements on the sides. The limited-edition pieces are also characterized by both the ‘Police 40’ logo – designed specifically for the anniversary – and exclusive packaging: a hard case sporting a leather finish, gold-hued detailing, and black velvet interior, to further enhance the exclusiveness.

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