Yalea’s I Was a Sari Campaign

Yalea’s is De Rigo’s all-female house brand of sunglasses and frames designed and produced with women in mind. Timeless elegance and femininity guide the style of the band. Yalea combines aesthetic and ethical values with glasses that frame the face without hiding it. Each frame in the collection is named as a tribute to women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras who are not necessarily famous but who, have stood out as pioneers to their commitment and achievements.

Yalea as a brand actively promotes today’s contemporary female, by supporting women across the globe, fostering their talent, and empowering them through ethical entrepreneurship. Supporting projects that encourage growth, affirmation and independence of woman all over the world is one of Yalea’s primary goals as a brand.

I was a Sari is the latest campaign from Yalea launched in April in Italy, and in June in the United States. The campaign works by the purchase of clutch style bags made by women in India through the I was a Sari organization. The women who make these bags are chaining their lives and the lives of everyone around them through their participation in this educational and empowerment program by learning life skills and earning funds that will provide lasting independence.

Yalea has chosen to purchase the clutch bags made by I was a Sari as gifts for its own customers
and opticians throughout the world, offering concrete assistance for the empowerment of Indian
women. These bags are available to U.S. customers who carry the Yalea brand. If you’d like to learn more about this please contact your De Rigo Rem Business Consultant today. You can learn more about the brand on the Yalea website.






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