An Interview with De Rigo Rem Business Consultant Sage Lauderdale

This month we feature one of our 2023 President’s Club winners, De Rigo Rem Business Consultant Sage Lauderdale. Sage recently returned from Italy, his President’s Club reward. The photo above is of Sage and his wife Hannah in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

What part of the country do you represent?  

I serve the state of Georgia and Alabama.

How did you get into this industry?  

I was born into this industry.  My mom managed an ophthalmology practice for over 40 years.  She actually went into labor with me while at the office!  I would always spend time at the office when we were out of school, then started working the front desk during the summers in high school.  After college, I fell right back into it.  I then started working the back office as a tech, and moved my way over to optical.  I was able to take over the optical dispensary and a lot of the office management roles.

What is your favorite thing about Eyewear?  

I love the hard cases, with really high prescriptions, or really young kids who had never had their eyes examined before.  Being able to help them see the world clearly is a great feeling.  As for frames, I love helping people pick out their new frames, getting them to go outside of their normal box and try on something different.  That is usually what they end up buying.

What is your favorite thing about being a consultant for De Rigo Rem?  

I love the freedom and flexibility De Rigo Rem gives its business consultants.  I have always been able to do whatever I need to do for an account.  I can’t think of a time when I have asked for something and have been told no.

What brings you fulfillment in helping your customers?

 I love helping my customers on the business side increase their profitability.  When they realize that I have been in their shoes, and am not just there to sell them some frames and move on, those conversations are what I really enjoy.

Tell us something fun about you.

I went to college on a soccer scholarship, and now (7 knee surgeries later) still play every Sunday.  I also love to do woodworking projects and hunt.

As a 2023 President’s Club Winner, What does the President’s Club mean to you?  

President’s Club was a goal I set for myself from day one.  I am a very competitive person, so I like being at the top of anything I do.  It is also a good way for me to look back on a year, and see that I have had good growth.

Which De Rigo Rem Brands Do You Carry?  

I carry the following De Rigo Rem brands, Jones New York, GAP, Lucky Brand, Police, Yalea, Escada, and Lozza.

The Lauderdale Family: Skylar, Hannah, Sage and Rhett.






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